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Multipurpose Flash Sports Many Features

Suitable for use in mobile phones, set-top boxes, PDAs, and networking equipment, the 64-Mbit multipurpose flash plus (MPF+) SST39VF6401 and SST39VF6402 incorporate the company’s 0.18-µm, self-aligned SuperFlash technology. They provide a range of functions that include boot-block write protection, security ID, erase suspend and resume, and hardware reset. Features include an active current of 9 mA typical at 5 MHz, standby current of 3 µA, erase times of 18 ms per 2 Kword sector, 18 ms per 32 Kword block, and 50 ms per chip, access time of 70 ns, and a typical programming time of 7 ms per word. Endurance is specified as 100,000 cycles with data retention beyond 100 years. Both are available 48-ball TFBGAs in lead and lead-free versions. Price for the SST39VF6401 bottom-boot-block or SST39VF6402 top-boot-block flash is $7 each/10,000. Silicon Storage Technology Inc., Sunnyvale, CA. (888) 778-2447.


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