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NAND Flash Designed For Embedded Applications

74029_fig1-Spansion-SLC-NAND-flashSpansion is a major flash memory vendor with parallel and serial offerings. The new Spansion SLC NAND family is designed for embedded applications that need high performance and high reliability. The SLC (single level cell) flash memory is rated at a 10 year retention and supports 100,000 erase cycles. Spansion backs this up with long term support of at least five years.

The parallel NAND flash chips come in capacities from 1 Gbits to 8 Gbits. Customers have access to Spansion FFS (flash file system). Spansion SLC NAND supports 1-bit ECC.

The chips have impressive performance specs. Random access speed is 25 µs. Sequantial access is 25 ns. Programming speed is 200 µs.

Spansion has 3V and 1.8V families. Extended temperature support provides an operational range from -40°C to +85°C.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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