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Non-Volatile Memory Arms For Harsh Environments

Designed for harsh and rugged applications, the SVME/DMV-570 flash, non-volatile mass memory module provides solid-state, non-volatile memory without the need for shock and vibration isolators or environmental enclosures. Bit error rate is less than 10 to 30 and SCSI drivers allow it to be embedded directly in a VME chassis. Other features include 28 MB to 5.12 GB of non-volatile flash memory, sustained transfer rates of 10 MB/s, less than 1 ms random access time, host-transparent wear-leveling, built-in test (BIT), 3W to 12W maximum power dissipation, and 10 year data integrity. A power-hold up to ensure that all data in the cache is stored into the flash memory without being lost or corrupted is optional. For price, call DY4 SYSTEMS, Ontario, Canada. (613) 599-9199.

Company: DY4 SYSTEMS

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Digital ICs
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