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Non-Volatile Memory Embedded On Standard Logic Process

The NOVEA family of memory devices is promoted as the first commercially available, non-volatile embedded memory forged on a standard logic process. This essentially new type of memory lets designesrs integrates small to medium sizes of non-volatile memory on to a system-on-chip (SoC), with the hopes of reducing system costs, size and time to market.The first member of the family, NOVEA RAM, is available on a 0.18 µm TSMC process, while scalable to other geometries. The device uses one polysilicon layer and a single oxide layer, compared to other devices that require two polysilicon layersÑone for the floating gate and another for the non-floating gate.Reportedly, data can be retained within the silicon without re-programming for a period of up to 10 years. And, under certain conditions, data can be retained indefinitely. The device is capable of being re-programmed 1,000 times, most likely more times than would be needed by its targeted applications, allowing a good degree of headroom.In terms of applications, NOVEA RAM is poised for key-encryption storage in set-top boxes, chip IDs in smart cards, power-metering devices, product localization to enable cell phones to be re-programmed to meet multiple and changing wireless protocol standards, and to store communications parameters in 802.11 and Bluetooth designs. Currently available, license fees start at $100,000. The companyÕs business model includes both the license fee and a royalty per device. For further information, contact VIRAGE LOGIC, Fremont, CA. (877) 360-6690.


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