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NOR Flash Touts High Throughput

Tooled for the 3-D imaging, camera phone, and media-player markets, the LH28F128BN 128 Mb, NOR flash memory claims to deliver the highest throughput available at lower voltages. The device specifies a data-transfer rate of 108 MHz in synchronous burst mode, allowing for smooth playback at 30 fps with a resolution of 352 x 288 (CIF). Typical operating voltage is 1.8V (1.7V to 1.9V). Other features include a x16 bit configuration, normal access time of 60 ns, page mode access time of 20 ns, and a readout current of 15 mA. The device is available in an FBGA package measuring 8 mm x 11 mm. SHARP MICROELECTRONICS OF THE AMERICAS, Camas, WA. (800) 642-0261.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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