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NOR Flash Ups The Density Ante

Expanding the multi-purpose flash (MPF) memory family, the MPF+ family includes densities of 16, 32, and 64 Mb. The devices include four enhanced features: erase suspend/erase resume, boot block write-protection, security ID, and hardware reset. The erase suspend/erase resume feature allows an erase operation to be suspended so that other operations can be performed before the erase operation is resumed. Boot block write protection allows the boot block area to be protected by a write-protect pin. The security ID feature offers two 128-bit, one-time programmable registers: one pre-programmed to provide a random and unique identification number while the second is user programmable for any purpose. And the hardware-reset feature allows users to reset the entire flash device along with other system devices. Other features include an active current of 9 mA (typ.) at 5 MHz, a standby current of 3 µA, programming time of 7 µs per word, erase times of 18 ms per 2 Kword sector and 18 ms per 32 Kword, read access times of 70 ns and 90 ns, and a data retention time of 100 years. Available in 48-lead TSOP and 48-ball TFBGA (16 Mb and 32 Mb) packages and a 48-ball TFBGA (64 Mb) package, pricing begins at $5.55 each/10,000. SILICON STORAGE TECHNOLOGY INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (888) 778-2447.


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