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Quad USB 3.0 NAND Flash Memory Controller

Quad USB 3.0 NAND Flash Memory Controller

VIA Labs VL751 is a USB 3.0 Super Speed controller (Fig. 1)  that has a four channel NAND flash memory interface. The VL751 has been certified by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) for USB 3.0 operation. The NAND flash memory controller enhances performance using pre-read and pre-write buffers and a pipelined ECC engine. It is designed to handle large capacity flash drives of 32 Gbytes or more an operation up to 35 Mbytes/s. The VIA Labs VL751 USB 3.0 NAND Flash Controller can handle the USB mass storage class 'Bulk-Only Transport'.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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