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Samsung Readies First One-Gigabit Mobile DRAM

Scheduled for mass production in the second quarter of 2007, the company unveils the industry’s first one-gigabit mobile DRAM employing 80-nm process technology. The chip promises to be a cost effective alternative to existing high-density mobile memory for a range of handset applications, digital cameras, and consumer portables in general. Promoting further savings, the device reportedly consumes 30% less current than 1-Gb double-die stack memory. It relies on the same packaging technique as a 512-Mb double-die stack, 1-Gb package, however it includes a unique temperature-sensing feature, a temperature-compensated function that maximizes the self-refresh cycle to reduce power in standby mode. Equally notable, the chip is at least 20% thinner than a multi-stack package of 512-Mb dies. SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO. LTD., San Jose, CA. (408) 544-4000.


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