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SRAM's Density Said To Be World's Highest

Claimed to be the highest density static RAM available today, this 16-Mbit device is targeted at helping designers of supercomputers, networking systems, and other electronic equipment reduce component counts. CXK77V80160TM-9 SRAM is organized as 2,097,152 words x 8 bits and requires a standard 3.3V supply. And with speeds of up to 9 ns (111 MHz), the device provides fast cycle times, with a 5-ns clock-to-data valid also featured for high-speed requirements. The new high-density SRAM also is LVTTL and LVCMOS compatible and provides byte-select capabilities, asynchronous /OE, and separate I/O. It is housed in a 78-pin TSOP II.

Company: SONY ELECTRONICS INC. - Semiconductor Business Division

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Digital ICs
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