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SRAMs Dissipate Only 3 mA At 1.8V In Active Mode

Made using the firm's 1/4-micron, six-transistor cell RAM5 process, MoBL (More Battery Life) SRAMs are designed to operate over a 3.3V to 1.8V range and to dissipate a mere 3 mA at 1.8V in active mode (ICC). And to trim power demands even further, MoBL SRAMs automatically power down into standby mode that dissipates a miniscule 1 µA (typ.) during periods of low activity. Said to use up to 90% less power than current standard low-power SRAMs, the new ultra-low-power devices are scheduled to play a key role in dramatically increasing battery life in new-generation cell phones, pages, handheld electronic games, PDAs, and other wireless products. MoBL SRAM performance also gets high marks. For instance, access time is 70 ns at 2.7V and 100 ns at 1.8V over the industrial temperature range, which can help bring no-wait-state performance to cell phones, for example. The SRAMs also provide a power-saving 1V battery backup/data retention capability. Currently, 128K x 16 (CY62136V) and 256K x 8 (CY62138V) MoBL SRAMs housed in 7 x 7-mm 48-ball FBGA and 44-pin TSOPs are available.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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