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SuperFlash EEPROMs Retain Data Longer

The 37 series many-time programmable (MTP) SuperFlash EEPROMs include the SST37VF040 (4Mb MTP), SST37VF020 (2Mb MTP), SST37VF010 (1Mb MTP) and SST37VF512 (512Kb MTP) devices. These devices use the firm's proprietary SuperFlash technology that uses a thick-oxide process for superior data retention and high reliability. The 37 series 3V MTP product family is pin-for-pin compatible with the firm's 39 series MPF (multi-purpose flash) products. This compatibility allows a low cost migration path for users of the 39 series where firmware or code is stable and in-system programming is not required. Requirements are 2.7V to 3.6V for read and 12V on OE pin for program and erase. Access speed is 70 ns and 90 ns, and fast program and erase is 10 µs/byte for programming. Endurance is at least 1000 cycles with more than 100 years retention. Prices are $2.05, $1.40, $1.05 and $0.90 each/100,000, respectively, in 32-pin PLCC/PDIP/TSOP.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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