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Ternary CAM Claims Highest Density In The Industry

Touted as the industry's highestdensity ternary content addressable memory (TCAM) integrated circuit, the SiberCAM Ultra-9M is fabricated using UMC's 0.15-µm technology. The device employs 3.15 µm2 SRAM cells enabling over 9.4 million ternary storage elements to be integrated with network processing logic elements in a single chip. Other features include a three-port architecture, dynamically variable word-width support for 36-, 72-, 144- and 288-bit wide words, and packet look-up speeds up to 100 million searches per second (MSPS) for 36-, 72- and 144-bit wide searches and 50 MSPS for 288-bit searches, independent of table update activity. For further information and price, call SIBERCORE TECHNOLOGIES INC., Ottawa, Canada. (613) 271-8100


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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