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Thin ATA Flash Card Offers High Capacity

This 224-MB ATA flash card comes in a Type I PC card form factor-a capacity previously only available in a Type II or III form factor. The difference in thickness between Type I and III cards is more than 7 mm and almost 2 mm between a Type I and II card. The cards measure 3.3 mm thick for Type I, 5 mm for Type II and 10.5 mm for Type III. These flash cards use 64-Mb AND flash technology, operate from 3.3V or 5V, and have a data transfer rate of 8 MB/s. AND flash technology is characterized by fast program erase/write operations, high density, high speed, and low power dissipation. The Type I card can be used in all systems that accept Type II or III cards, as all three cards share a common 68-pin interface.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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