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Twelve Synchronous SRAMs Offer 100% Bus Utilization At 150 MHz

Called No-Wait synchronous SRAMs, these 12 devices do not require bus wait cycles when switching from read to write or write to read operation. The six pipeline devices-- the 61NP25632, 61NP25636, 61NP51218, 61NP12832, 61NP12836 and 61NP25618-- and six flow-through devices-- the 61NF25632, 61NF25636, 61NF51218, 61NF12832, 61NF12836 and 61NF25618-- are designed to work in high-speed telecomm applications. All the devices have separate power supply pins for their I/Os, providing seamless interface with either 3.3V TTL-compatible circuits or 2.5V circuits. The 4-Mbit devices are priced between $14.95 and $17.95 each/10,000 and the 8-Mbit devices, $23.45 to $26.45 each.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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