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16-Bit µC With Embedded Flash Operates At 40 MHz

Targeting applications such as engine control, the ST10F269 is a 16-bit automotive-grade microcontroller with embedded flash memory based on the industry standard ST10 core. The chip is said to be the fastest ST10-based microcontroller with embedded flash memory and operates at speeds up to 40 MHz. Flash memory embedded in the chip is based on the company's stand-alone single voltage flash memory technology and operates at 5V. Reprogramming of flash content is entirely controlled by a dedicated erase and program controller that allows flash content to be changed through simple commands.
The controller allows new operating modes such as a read/program operation of a second block during the erase suspend of a different block. Each of the seven embedded memory blocks can be separately protected against programming and erasing to enhance system safety. Data retention times of 20 years and at least 100,000 programming cycles are promised. In a 144-lead PQFP package, the chip costs $20 each/10,000.


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