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32-Bit Automotive MCUs Integrate Large Quantities Of Flash

Designed for high-end, controller area network (CAN) automotive applications, the M32R/ECU#5 (M32180 Group) and M32R/ECU#5HL (M32182 Group) microcontrollers (MCUs) are said to provide the industry’s largest flash memory capacity. The M32R/ECU#5 includes 1 MB of flash memory with 48 KB of RAM and the M32R/ECU#5HL integrates 384 KB of flash memory and 64 KB of RAM. Both devices allow for external discrete memory expansion. The devices incorporate an M32R floating point unit RISC core, work at clock speeds up to 80 MHz, and operate over a -40°C to 125°C temperature range. The core is IEEE 754 compliant for single-precision operation and supports all exceptions defined in the IEEE 754 spec. It executes frequently used instructions in one clock cycle and supports an address space of 4 GB without segment switching—the instruction set handles both 16- and 32-bit instructions. Other features of the MCUs include a special tracing tool in the JTAG interface that captures clock cycles of code execution history, allowing users to narrow a coding problem to its source and make corrections. In addition, the MCUs are supported by proprietary and third party development tools. The M32R/ECU#5 in a 240-pin QFP will sample in June 2003 with volume production scheduled for March 2004. Sample price for M32180F8 is $56 each. And M32R/ECU#5HL in a 144-pin QFP will sample in February 2003 with volume production scheduled for September 2003. Sample pricing for the M32182F2 is $45 each. MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC & ELECTRONICS USA INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 774-3191.


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