32-Bit MCU Packs 4-Mbyte Flash, 512-kbyte SRAM

32-Bit MCU Packs 4-Mbyte Flash, 512-kbyte SRAM

Renesas’ RX64M Group represents the company’s first 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) to be fabricated in a 40-nm process. Based on the RXv2 CPU core announced late last year, which helps deliver a total of 504 Coremark, the new group consists of 112 MCUs running up to 120 MHz with zero wait state. The devices embed up to 4 Mbytes of flash memory and up to 512 kbytes of SRAM, while reducing power consumption by 40% compared to earlier Renesas RX MCUs. Peripherals include new pulse-width-modulation (PWM) timer functions. Motor-control timer functions and an IEEE 1588-compliant Ethernet function improve inter-system synchronization performance and provide flexible support for motor control. The MCUs feature two Ethernet MAC and two USB interfaces, an SD host interface, and a quad serial peripheral interface (QSPI). An encoding function increases reliability and robustness of the interfaces. Supportive development tools include Renesas’ Eclipse-based e2 studio IDE, its Starter Kit for RX64M with E1 On-Chip Debugger, and RX Driver Package, as well as IAR Systems’ Embedded Workbench for RX (EWRX) IDE. Applications center around Internet of Things products such as connected network and industrial equipment used in factory automation and building automation.


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