48-MHz MCU Flaunts 48-MIPS Processing For Control Systems

48-MHz MCU Flaunts 48-MIPS Processing For Control Systems

Operating at a 48-MHz clock speed, FTDI Chip’s FT51 microcontroller (MCU) features 48-MIPS processing capacity (one clock cycle per instruction). A hardwired USB hub function enables cascading of subsystems to extend overall system connectivity. It also can be used as an expansion port to connect multiple USB peripherals to the system (e.g., keyboards, mice). Other I/O includes a 12-Mbit/s USB 2.0, I2C slave and master, and SPI slave and master. The MCU integrates four 8-bit, single-channel digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). Built-in FT120 USB peripheral functions offer a simple interface mechanism to transmit/receive data and maximize throughput. The FT51 MCU incorporates 16-bit pulse-width modulators on 16 of its output pins, with drive capability from 4 to 16 mA, for control of system actuators/motors. Among other features are a UART that operates up to 6 Mbits/s, 16-kbyte multi-time programmable memory, and battery charger detection. Packaging options include a 28-pin SSOP, 32-pin WQFN, 44-pin LQFP, and 48-pin WQFN. Operating temperature ranges from ‒40 to +85°C. Running off a 3.3-V rail, it consumes 8 mA when active and 70 µA in suspend mode.


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