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8-Bit MCU’s 20-Pin Package Packs High-Resolution ADC

A high-resolution 10- or 12-bit A/D converter, enhanced capture/compare/pulse-width modulation and an on-chip voltage reference are all integrated within a trio of 8-bit MCUs. The PIC16C717, 'C770 and 'C771 come in small, 20-pin packages.The 'C717 and 'C770 feature 2048 x 14 bits of OTP program memory, while the 'C771 offers 4096 x 14 bits of OTP program memory. All three contain 256 bytes of user RAM. In addition, all offer 5 MIPS performance at 20 MHz, 16 I/O pins, a 4-MHz internal clock oscillator, I2C and SPI interfaces, one 16-bit timer, two 8-bit timers, a watchdog timer, and a wide, 2.5V to 5.5V operating range. The six-channel, 12-bit ADC on the 'C770 and 'C771 and the six-channel, 10-bit ADC on the 'C717 provide resolution that previously required a standalone ADC. Development tools are available. Samples are available now.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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