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8-Bit Microprocessor Requires No ICE

This high-performance, 8-bit microprocessor boasts of a C-friendly instruction set, fast number-crunching capability, and numerous on-chip peripherals that help simplify hardware design and allow glueless interfacing to both memory and I/O. The Rabbit 2000 µP is supported by Dynamic C, a powerful development system that simplifies programming by providing an interactive compiler, editor and debugger. No in-circuit emulator (ICE) is needed. The chip can perform floating-point additions or multiplications in just 15 µs with a 22-MHz clock speed. And among the µP’s many peripherals are four serial ports, a slave port, 40 parallel I/O lines, 7 timers, and more. The µP is available in clock speeds of up to 30 MHz and comes in 100-pin PQFPs.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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