8-Bit PICs Offer Three High-Resolution 16-Bit PWMs

8-Bit PICs Offer Three High-Resolution 16-Bit PWMs

Microchip has expanded its 8-bit PIC microcontroller range with the PIC12(L)F157X family. Three new MCUs have full-featured 16-bit pulse-width modulators (PWMs) with independent timers, for applications where high resolution is needed, such as LED lighting, stepper motors, or battery charging. In addition to standard and centre-aligned PWM output modes, the peripheral has four compare modes and can serve as an additional 16-bit timer.

The devices’ complementary waveform generator (CWG), in combination with the 16-bit PWMs, can be used to create half-bridge and full-bridge drive control, with fine control of key parameters such as polarity, dead band, and emergency shutdown states. This approach can save board space when driving FETs in motor-control and power-conversion applications. The CWG and 16-bit PWMs are core independent peripherals (CIPs), which are coupled with the 10-bit analogue-to-digital converters (ADCs), comparator, and 5-bit digital-to-analogue (DAC) peripherals to enable closed-loop feedback and control.

One of the new MCUs, the PIC12F1572, has a EUSART, enabling general-purpose serial communication and LIN for automotive and industrial control.


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