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80C51-Based MCUs Target Emerging Internet Applications

A new family of microcontrollers has been developed for use in designs, including emerging Internet designs, that require low power consumption and low overall system cost. The 51LPC µC family is based on the 80C51 architecture and is supplemented by the firm's LINK-51 evaluation kit that includes emWare's Internet-capable software. The 87LPC764 has 4 kbytes of OTP program memory and 128 bytes of SRAM. Its MCU core offers a 2X speed mode in which the system clock is divided by six instead of 12. At 20 MHz, the MCUs have throughput equivalent to an 80C51 MCU running at 40 MHz, minimizing EMI and power consumption. In addition, the IC saves space and cost by incorporating an on-chip power-on reset, an oscillator, two comparators, and a watchdog timer.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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