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ARM9-Based Embedded Processor Eyes SOPC Designs

Representing the first ARM9-based Excalibur embedded processor, the EPXA10 device enables chip designers to integrate it with programmable logic, peripherals and memory on a single chip. Another part of the system-on-a-programmable-chip (SOPC) solution is an enhanced Nios soft processor core used in reference designs that enable Internet and Ethernet connectivity, as well as Linux support. The company has partnered with Wind River Systems for support of their VxWorks AE operating system, Red Hat for support of their GNUPro embedded software development tools, and Mentor Graphics for their seamless co-verification environment on the Excalibur hard-core processor products. The three processor families for the SOPCs-namely, the Nios soft core embedded processor and the ARM-based and MIPS-based hard core embedded processors-offer the flexibility of processor cores with the integration of SOPC logic. Excalibur embedded processors can be used in applications requiring processors and PLDs with gate counts up to 1,000,000 gates. ALTERA CORP., San Francisco, CA. (408) 544-6866.


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