CAN FD Interface Option Extends Automotive MCU Family

Spansion’s Traveo automotive microcontroller (MCU) S6J3100 series now incorporates a 5-Mbit/s CAN FD interface for enhanced in-vehicle networking. The MCU particularly focuses on applications such as body control module (BCM), heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). CAN FD (CAN with flexible data-rate) enables highly reliable vehicle control by exploiting higher data rates with only a small impact on current software and applications. Other features include 4 Mbytes of flash memory for high-level program control, 55-mm technology, and Secure Hardware Extension (SHE) for network security and improved connected-car performance. The latter also enables advanced partial wakeup to lower power consumption. The 32-bit MCUs are based on the ARM Cortex-R5 core.



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