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Capacitive Touch-Sense MCUs Reset Power Bars

Capacitive Touch-Sense MCUs Reset Power Bars

Heralded as the industry’s lowest power capacitive touch-sense microcontrollers (MCUs), additions to the C8051F9xx MCU family specify a wake-on-touch power consumption below one 1 mA. The latest additions include F99x MCUs with integrated touch-sense technology for human interface applications and F98x MCUs targeting power- and cost-sensitive applications such as home automation, smart meters, lighting control, security systems, games, and toys. The F9xx MCUs are available now with pricing set at $0.85 each/10,000. The new F99x and F98x MCUs are supported by the C8051F996DK development kit that’s available for $99, the ToolStick990DC daughter card for $9.90, and ToolStick programming adapters for $69. SILICON LABORATORIES INC., Austin, TX. (877) 444-3032.


TAGS: Digital ICs
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