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Chips Brings Flash And Programmable Logic To 8-Bit MCUs

For 8-bit CISC microcontrollers such as Intel’s 8051 and Motorola’s 68HC11, three EasyFLASH MCU support ICs provide 256 kbytes of 100% in-system-programmable (ISP) flash memory and 3000 gates of programmable logic. The PSD8X4F MCU support ICs are suited for systems using complex controller algorithms, such as those used in automotive power train, transmission and traction control systems, GPS and other navigation systems, industrial process controls, and medical equipment.The chips’ 256 kbytes of flash is large enough to accommodate firmware written in high-level languages, or systems with real-time operating systems. The ISP flash memory also enables users of 8-bit MCUs to create lookup tables that can be updated as necessary, which relieves the processor of the burden of real-time calculations. Other features include a built-in connection from the on-chip CPLD to the MCU address/data bus and a JTAG programming interface. Various combinations of SRAM and flash memory are available.


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