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CMOS MCU Consumes Little Space And Power

Having a footprint as small as an 8-pin TSSOP package, the EM6680 microcontroller can operate on supply voltages from 1.2V to 3.6V and consumes just 3.5 µA in standby mode, 4 µA when active, and 0.18 µA in sleep mode. The new MCU is suitable for applications such as battery-powered toys, household appliances, and personal care products. Manufactured using an advanced low-power CMOS process, the controller also integrates on-chip a 4-bit A/D converter, 3 KB of mask ROM, RAM, an internal RC oscillator, power-on reset, watchdog timer, 10-bit up/down counter/timer (PWM), a prescaler, supply voltage level detector, and a serial interface. An emulator and simulator with windows-based software and a ROM-less development kit (EMDK6680A) are available. Offered in TSSOP-8/14 and SO-8/14 packages and in die form, the EM6680 is priced starting at $0.60 each/50K. EM MICROELECTRONIC, Colorado Springs, CO. (719) 598-9224.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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