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Derivatives Of 16-Bit µC Family Launched

The firm has extended its XA (eXtended Architecture) family of microcontrollers with the launch of XA-S3 derivatives. The XA-S3 µCs combine the standard features of the first XA-G3 devices, such as fast, high-resolution A/D converter and a programmable counter array, together with an I2C serial interface to let designers use hundreds of I2C features, such as EEPROMs, real-time clock chips and LCD drivers. The XA-S3 builds upon firm's first device that supports the comprehensive bit-oriented operation of the 80C51 while adding support for multi-tasking operating and high-level languages such as C. With its 8-channel, 10-bit A/D converter, the XA-S3 completes an A/D conversion in 5 µs at 20 MHz, which is 10 times faster than the 80C51.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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