Dev Kit Accelerates Variable Speed Motor Control

Dev Kit Accelerates Variable Speed Motor Control

Developed by Farnell element14, the S12ZVML-MINIBRD variable speed motor control kit is based on the Freescale S12 MagniV. It includes both the hardware and software needed to get a variable speed motor up and running quickly with its included software libraries and development tools. 

The kit provides a single-board solution for drive low-voltage variable speed brushless dc (BLDC) motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs) using trapezoidal or field-oriented control. It suits sensorless BLDC or PMSM control as well as bidirectional dc motors (H-Bridge).

The kit is based on the Freescale S12ZVML, a single-chip MCU with up to 128k of flash and a 512-byte EEPROM. The chip’s programmable trigger unit (PTU) synchronizes conversion sequences with the pulse-width modulation (PMW) module (PMF) for maximum precision and minimum CPU loading. No external components are required for back-EMF (electromotive force) sensing.

Apart from the S12 MagniV, the board incorporates six N-channel FETs with 5-8A drive capability, a LIN connector, and a BDM-to-USB debug interface.


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