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Digital-Power MCUs Promote Cleaner Cloud Design

Digital-Power MCUs Promote Cleaner Cloud Design

Techniques such as digital control of computer power supplies can help boost data-center efficiency to over 60% by continuously adjusting to fluctuating power demand, according to Uptime Institute (a third-party data-center research/consultant organization). STMicroelectronics says its STM32F334 digital-power microcontroller (MCU) helps simplify the data-center industry’s transition to energy-efficient digital power supplies (e.g., multi-phase interleaved or resonant soft-switching) by integrating all major power-control function on one chip. The MCU’s 217-ps timer offers high precision to improve power-supply efficiency, while asynchronous fast reaction time promotes safe operation. The 217-ps resolution also allows for fine control of resonant soft-switching converters. Overall, this will help maximize the impact of digital power conversion to improve the cloud’s efficiency. The ARM Cortex-M4-based MCU features on-board core-coupled memory (CCM-SRAM). Peripherals include two 5-Msample/s, 12-bit analog-to-digital converters; three comparators with 25-ns response time from analog input to PWM output; three digital-to-analog converters plus one op amp with built-in gains; as well as CAN and I2C. The STM32F334 comes in LQFP64, LQFP48, or LQFP32 packaging.


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