Dual-Core MCUs With Differentiated Analog Speed Industrial System Execution

Dual-Core MCUs With Differentiated Analog Speed Industrial System Execution

The C2000 Delfino 32-bit F2837xD microcontrollers from Texas Instruments deliver 800 MIPS of floating-point performance, aiding in the development of low-latency systems within computationally complex control applications. Furthermore, designers can reduce complexity by consolidating multiple embedded processors into once MCU for applications that require real-time signal analysis (high-end servo drives, solar central inverters, etc.). Dual-core C28x CPUs can be offloaded from control-loop analysis with two real-time control accelerators, or control law accelerators (CLAs). A trigonometric math unit (TMU) accelerator speeds execution of trigonometric-based algorithms used in control functions, and Viterbi complex unit (VCU II) accelerators enhance motor-failure predictions via vibrational analysis. Four independent 16-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) manage multiple analog systems, enabling overall system throughput for systems such as three-phase motor monitoring. Integrated windowed comparators provide safe shutdown of motors, and sigma-delta demodulators allow for direct interfacing to isolated converters (providing noise immunity for the MCU).


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