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Flash-Based Microcontroller Simplifies Design Of Communication And Consumer Products

The 68HC908GP20, an 8-bit microcontroller with flash memory, is said to provide designers with a simplified design path, thanks to its integration features and rewritable memory capability. Applications for the MCU abound in communication, consumer and industrial systems. FLASHwire technology included on the chip is a single-wire interface for in-circuit programming that does not require high voltage for entry. The technology enables designers to shorten time to market and to respond quickly to new market opportunities. The combination of highly flexible general-purpose I/O pins, including software programmable pullups, and a rich set of on-chip peripherals will speed many 8-bit MCU designs to fruition.The GP20 microcontroller offers an easy-to-learn 68HC08 instruction set, which includes multiply and divide instructions, and gives users a code-compatible migration path for existing 68HC05-based designs. On the chip are 19,968 bytes of in-system-programmable flash memory, 512 bytes of user RAM, a new automatic wake-up out-of-stop capability, and additional general-purpose I/O integration to reduce system cost. Other features include a 32-kHz-compatible oscillator and on-chip PLL, low-voltage inhibit with selectable trip points, internal pullups, high-current I/O, serial ports, and an 8-channel, 8-bit A/D converter. The MCU operates from a 2.7V to 5.5V supply from -40°C to 85°C. Samples are available now.A large palette of development tools is in place for the GP20 MCU. The company's M6ICS08GP20 development tool kit is said to provide an economical means of developing and debugging target systems that incorporate the MCU. The kit provides editing, assembly, software simulation, in-circuit simulation, programming, real-time debugging and emulation- in other words, everything a designer needs to efficiently develop applications. All of the software, as well as a free simulator for Windows, is downloadable from the company's Web site.


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