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Flash µCs Pack ADCs

Implemented on a new 0.5-micron process, the PIC16F7X family of high-performance flash microcontrollers features integrated A/D converters. The PIC16F73/74 and PIC16F76/77 enable present OTP customers to migrate to a more flexible flash-based platform. The PIC16F73/74 devices offer 4K words of flash program memory and 192 bytes of data RAM, while the PIC16F76/77 offer 8K words of flash program memory, and 368 bytes of data RAM. All the devices feature an 8-bit a/d converter and 35 powerful single-cycle instructions, each 14 bits wide. The devices offer precision and accuracy without significant power consumption, leaving them well suited for battery-powered applications. The multi-channel a/d converter also simplifies overall embedded system design by providing a direct analog interface for temperature, pressure, motion and other sensors. Other on-chip peripherals include a comprehensive timer subsystem, providing a real-time clock or two 8-bit and one 16-bit counter/ timer module. The devices draw only 20 µA from a 3V supply while operating at 32 kHz. Pricing starts at $3.43 each/1,000 for the PIC16F73.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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