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Flash MCU Support IC Draws 91% Less Power Than Discretes

Said to draw 91% less power than a discrete solution, the 2.7-V ZPSD813F1V flash MCU support IC integrates 128 kbytes of byte-erasable EEPROM, 2 kbytes of SRAM, a 3000-gate CPLD, and a programmable MCU interface. In a system operating at 2 MHz, the device reportedly draws only 1.6 mA, compared to 19.1 mA consumed by a discrete solution. The architecture is also said to simplify the addition of external logic and memory to MCU-based designs.When compared to a 3V discrete solution that includes the same functionality, the chip has 91% less power drain. And sleep power drain is only 1µA typical.This flash-NVM-based device offers a JTAG interface for first-time and subsequent serial in-system programming. To achieve high-speed serial ISP, the device utilizes embedded programming algorithms, address incrementing, an embedded state machine, a two-stage data pipeline, and two extra JTAG pins.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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