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FRAM Micro Targets Medical And Industrial Apps

FRAM Micro Targets Medical And Industrial Apps

Fujitsu's latest FRAM microcontroller address a range of rugged applications including those in medical and industrial environments. The 8-bit MB95R203A employs Fujitsu's Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FRAM) technology to provide 8 Kbytes of high speed, non-volatile storage.

Fujitsu's FRAM can be erased and rewritten 1015 times. It has a guaranteed data retention of 10 years and it does not require any wear leveling technology. The MB95R203A's FRAM can be partitioned as either RAM or program ROM. The ability allows the micro to be used for a variety of different applications and programming requirements.

The 20MHz MB95R203A uses a F2MC-9FX core. It has a 10MHz on-chip oscillator and can run using 1.8V to 3.6V power supplies. The chip has 496 bytes of RAM. Peripherals include 16 shared I/O pins, UART, I2C, and a 6-channel, 10-bit ADC. The dual 8-bit or 16-bit timer can handle PWM chores. The chip uses Fujitsu's 1 wire debug interface.

The MB95R203A is available in 24-pin DIP or 20-pin SOP packages. Sample pricing is $1.60.

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