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MCU Core Simplifies 32-Bit Processing

The latest ColdFire V1 MCU core sets up for deployment in the industry’s first 8-bit-compatible 32-bit microcontrollers. These MCUs are designed provide 32-bit performance with the ease-of-use of an 8-bit device at an attractive price point. Products based on the V1 core will use the same peripheral modules and development tools as those employing the company’s S08 architecture, i.e., CodeWarrior 6.0 development studio. Additionally, the 68K/ColdFire V1 core is designed for increased system utilization, resulting in the lowest power consumption of any 68K/ColdFire products to date. MCUs based on the V1 core will be priced within approximately 20% of the 8-bit devices with comparable features. FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR INC., Austin, TX. (800) 521-6274.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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