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MCU Integrates Dual CAN Controllers & Addresses 4 Mbytes

The DS80C390 is said to be the first high-performance 8051 processor to integrate two CAN bus controllers with a host of peripherals and, at the same time, to break the existing memory barrier by addressing 4 Mbytes of external data memory and 4 Mbytes of external program memory. By integrating two CAN controllers, the IC meets the growing demand for CAN’s wiring simplicity and robust data integrity in embedded systems. The CAN protocol, a 1-Mbit/s serial standard, enables multiple devices to communicate in real-time along a simple bus medium in high-noise environments. All error detection/correction, transmission and reception is carried out in hardware by the CAN controllers. By integrating two CAN controllers, the DS80C390 can host more devices and provide backup redundancy. The IC’s redesigned 8051 core provides higher efficiency and eliminates wasted clock cycles.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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