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MCUs Ease 32-Bit Migrations

Designed to simplify 32-bit upgrades, the MCF520x and MCF521x microcontrollers target a variety of control applications, including factory automation, security, and point-of-sale scanners. Both families exhibit a typical current draw of less than 1 mA/MHz. Consisting of the MCF5207 and MCF5208, the MCF520x family features up to 159 MIPS at 166 MHz, an eMAC module and hardware divide, 8 KB I/D-cache, 16 KB of SRAM, three UARTs, I2C interface, four 32-bit timers with DMA support, 16-channel DMA controller, 16-bit DDR/32-bit SDR SDRAM controller, and up to 50 general-purpose I/Os. Options include a 10/100 Ethernet media access controller. The MCF521x familyæMCF5211, MCF5212, and MCF5213æfeatures up to 76 MIPS at 80 MHz, MAC module and hardware divide, up to 256 KB of flash memory, up to 32 KB of SRAM, three UARTs, four 32-bit timers with DMA support, 4-channel DMA controller, 8-channel 12-bit a/d converter, PWM timers, and up to 55 general-purpose I/Os. A CAN 2.0B interface is optional. The MCF520x family operates with a1.5V core, 2.5V DDR, and 3.3V I/O voltages while the MCF521x devices operate on 3.3V supply. Pricing starts at $4.99 each/10,000. FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR INC., Austin, TX. (800) 521-6274


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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