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Micro Really Needs Just 0.9V

Micro Really Needs Just 0.9V

Texas Instruments' 16-bit, 4MHz MSP430L092 is a true 0.9V ROM-based microcontroller. The chips have a 1 Kbyte or 2 Kbyte ROM. A RAM-based version is available for development and deployment where an off-chip serial flash memory can be used to boot the system. The ROM parts have 128 bytes of RAM while the RAM part has 2 Kbytes of on-chip RAM.

Analog periphieral support on the 14-pin chips includes an 8-bit SAR ADC, an 8-bit DAC, and comparator. The chip has a watchdog timer, a pair of 16-bit timers and the GPIO pins that are shared with the analog peripherals. The chip supports the 2-wire JTAG Spy-by-Wire interface.

The MSP430L092 peripherals and I/O do not require a charge pump. This provides consistent, low power requirements and I/O support.

Developers can utilize the MSP-FET430U092 14-Pin Socket Target Board and USB Programmer (Fig.1) for in-circuit debugging and includes 3.3V level shifters for easier development interfacing. Pricing for the MSP430L092 MCUs starts at $0.85. The MSP-FET430U092 is priced at $149. Development tools include IAR Kickstart and the Eclipse-based Code Composer Essentials.

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