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Microchip Expands General-Purpose MCU Family

Poised for general-purpose applications, the PIC16F882 embarks as the lowest-cost member of the 28- and 40-/44-pin PIC18F88X family of microcontrollers. The newcomer provides users with the option to migrate to a lower-cost family member, as their code development stabilizes. Additionally, all members of the PIC16F88X family maintain compatibility with other 28/40-pin PIC MCUs for ease of migration. Features of the PIC16F882 include 3.5 KB of flash memory, 128 bytes of EEPROM, a in-circuit debug module, analog comparator module with two comparators, 11 10-bit ADC channels, 0.6V reference voltage, watchdog timer, serial interfaces, up to 36 pins that can be used for I/O and interrupt-on-change capability for each I/O pin, and industrial and automotive temperature versions. The PIC16F882 will be available in production volume by April. MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY INC., Chandler, AZ. (888) 628-6247.


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