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New ACE µC Seeks Low-Power, Secure Duties

By integrating more memory and multiple dedicated functions on-chip, the latest member of the Arithmetic Controller Engine (ACE) microcontroller line is expected to open up new uses for the ACE family in battery-powered products requiring more programming flexibility, such as automotive and home security systems and portable devices. The ACE1202 µC has 2 Kbytes of reprogrammable code storage EEPROM, 64 bytes of parameter storage EEPROM, and 64 bytes of SRAM. It also packs a 16-bit multi-function timer with a dedicated difference capture function for independently capturing pulse widths to a 1-ms resolution.Based on an 8-bit µC core, the IC also boasts of a hardware bit coding block, on-chip oscillator, watchdog/idle timer, and programmable undervoltage detection circuitry. The CMOS part comes in 8- and 14-pin SO and DIP packages.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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