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Programmable Processors Support HDTV

Touted as the first Digital Video Platform (DVP) products designed for high-definition TV (HDTV) receivers and set-top boxes, the NX-2600 and NX-2700 system-on-silicon ICs are based on an embedded TriMedia VLIW processor core. In a DTV receiver or set-top box, the devices handle transport stream demultiplexing, audio and video decoding, as well as supporting a reverse communications channels, datacasting, Java, and Internet browser applications. The programmable processors can support multiple digital broadcast standards, including all 18 ATSC DTV formats and Digital Satellite System. The NX-2700 supports high definition output, and two simultaneous video streams allowing the viewer to watch both a digital and analog broadcast simultaneously, or two standard definition digital broadcasts. The NX-2600 is a subset of the NX-2700 and decodes high definition video signals, while supporting standard definition output and one video stream.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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