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Re-Engineered Microcontrollers Boast Of Connectivity To Internet

In addition to re-engineering its microcontrollers to directly serve up web pages, the company has developed the TINI (Tiny InterNet Interface) microcontroller-based development platform that executes code for embedded web servers. Remote devices can have preferences and setting adjusted from afar, simply by having their administrator browse a web page hosted by the microcontroller.
The development platform combines a powerful chipset and a Java runtime environment that exposes the extensive I/O capability of the microcontrollers.
The TINI Verification Module (DS-TINI-1) is built on a 31.8 x 102.9 x 9.5 mm, 72-pin SIMM using the TINI chipset. The module is based on the DS80C390 microcontroller and is said to expose the rich I/O capabilities provided by the platform. The DS-TINI-1 verification module is priced at $67.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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