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RISC MCU Operates At 1.2V

Reducing space and extending battery life, the EM6635 RISC microcontroller comes in a compact, 40-lead MLF2 die form package and operates on voltages from 1.2V to 3.6V with an active current consumption of 1.5 µA at 1.55V/32 MHz. Power consumption in standby mode is 0.4 µA. The device includes nine high-current I/Os, the equivalent of 8 KB of ROM, and runs on either an external 32 kHz crystal or a 500 kHz internal RC oscillator. With a 4-bit word length, the MCU executes 72 basic instructions, and the outputs can drive up to 20 mA at 3V with a 500 mV dropout. Other features include 14 inputs, 15 outputs, 4,096 x 16 mask ROM, 256 x 4-bit RAM, reset and buzzer outputs, two 8-bit timers, two 4-bit BCD counters, 3-bit event counter, prescaler with 1 Hz resolution, serial port, 18 interrupts, watchdog timer, three software-programmable voltage-level detectors, a 255-tone programmable frequency generator, and a frequency doubler. Pricing starts at $1.50 each/10K. EM MICROELECTRONIC, Colorado Springs, CO. (719) 598-9224.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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