Rotate Permanent Magnet AC Motors In Less Than A Minute

Rotate Permanent Magnet AC Motors In Less Than A Minute

Renesas Electronics Europe now offers new motor control reference kits designed to drive any three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs), also called brushless ac motors. The kits reduce or even eliminate the time that would normally be taken to calculate motor parameters and evaluate the best tuning algorithm coefficients. As a result, a permanent magnet ac motor can be rotated in less than one minute, according to the company.

The kits include design tools that have been developed to tune the software to application requirements, providing auto-tuning of the current proportional-integral (PI) coefficients (Kp, Ki), identification of the intrinsic motor parameters (Rs, Ls, Lm), and real-time visualisation of the motor phase, current, and step response. Both kits include an intuitive GUI.

Both inverter kits are based on Renesas’ 32-bit RX family of MCUs, with one kit on RX220 offering 50 DMIPS and the other on RX62T offering 165 DMIPS. The RX220 inverter kit is designed for equipment requiring medium dynamics and a low-cost bill-of-materials (BOM). The RX62T microcontroller integrates six operational amplifiers, six comparators, a floating-point unit, and two timer units to drive two three-phase motors simultaneously. This kit provides the dynamics required to drive motors with a high level of accuracy.


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