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Smart Card Chip Integrates Flash

Suitable for SIM and Java cards in GSM phones, the EMTCG256-3G smart card IC pairs 256 KB of flash memory with an 8-bit 8051 microcontroller core. Compatible with the ISO7816-3 specification, the device operates with power supplies from 5V down to 1.8V. The MCU core accommodates instruction-processing speeds up to four times faster per clock cycle than typical microcode-based 8051 core designs and includes a tamper-proof clock that operates at speeds up to 30 MHz. Flash memory is partitioned into three sections: 128 KB of one-time-programmable memory, 64 KB of EEPROM with a minimum endurance of 300,000 cycles, and 32 2-KB blocks of flash. Development tools include a compiler, link editor, OTPM and EEPROM downloads, and an emulation platform that integrates with the Keil uVision2 development environment. For price, contact Rick Mintle at EM MICROELECTRONIC-US, Colorado Springs, CO. (719) 598-9224.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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