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Sub-1-GHz Wireless MCU Leverages Energy-Effiicent 32-Bit Core

Sub-1-GHz Wireless MCU Leverages Energy-Effiicent 32-Bit Core

According to Freescale, its Kinetis KW01 wireless microcontroller (MCU) is the first ARM Cortex M0+-based universal sub-gigahertz radio to reach mass production. The KW01 platform incorporates a radio capable of up to 600 kbits/s using modulation schemes such as GFSK, MSK, GMSK, and OOK while operating at multiple frequencies ranging from 290 to 1020 MHz. It supports ISM bands in Japan, U.S., Europe, China, India, Brazil, Mexico, and others. A low-power onboard CPU system handles network protocols. For outdoor applications (e.g., neighborhood area networks that connect to smart meters to a common data-collection point), the MCU can support proprietary protocols as well as IEEE 802.15.4e/g. For indoor applications that connect wireless sensors, controls, display, etc., the KW01 support proprietary or standard protocols such as 6LoWPAN, WMBUS (EN13757-4), KNX, and ECHONET. The ARM Cortex-M0+ helps push performance up to 48 MHz, with 128-kbyte flash and 16-kbyte SRAM that consumes as little as 40 µA/MHz in typical conditionals. The system and peripherals are designed for 1.7-µA device standby current, with a 4.3-µs wakeup time and device stop current of less than 100 nA.


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