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System-On-Chip Challenges 8051 µCs For Embedded Tasks

Boasting of features never before found on the embedded-systems industries' preferred 8-bit processor, the 8051, the P-51 is both hardware and software compatible with the 8051 and provides added features such as breakpoints, single step, square root, and ISA and PC/104 compatibility. Like the 8051, the new device is a stand-alone controller but with higher bandwidth, and it can attach directly to a PC/104 or ISA bus, or to another processor.
Features include 8 KB of downloadable code RAM, 256 bytes of internal data RAM, timers 0,1 and 2, ports 0, 1, 2 and 3, and all 8051 instructions. It is also claimed that programming and debugging have been simplified. A program can be downloaded to the 8 KB of code RAM while the device is in reset and can be executed when it is released from reset. Unlike the 8051, the P-51 includes its own debugging and development features. The P-51 is available now and priced at $51 each for samples and $15 each/1000.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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