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Actel’s CoreMP7




Actel's CoreMP7



Actel Corp. has announced the CoreMP7,

a soft ARM7 family processor optimized for use in Actel FPGAs.

ACTEL CORP., Mountain View, CA. (888) 992-2835.


More Info:

Optimized for size and speed, the CoreMP7 is a soft IP core that runs at speeds up to 25 MHz. It's available for use in ARM-ready versions of the company's ProASIC3 family of FPGAs, such as the M7A3P250, M7A3PE600 and M7A3P1000.

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Why is this IMPORTANT?

The Core MP7 is the industry's first soft ARM7 family processor optimized for FPGAS. And, as a result of an agreement announced in March 2005 with ARM, Actel can offer the 32-bit ARM7 family microprocessor for use in its products free of license fees. This greatly reduces the cost of entry and increases a designer's access to system on chip development with the ARM7 family.



Operating at up to 25MHz, CoreMP7 is well suited for use in applications such as digital cameras, kitchen appliances, automotive traction control systems, car infotainment systems, robotics and medical equipment.


How About Tool Support?

Tools that currently exist for the ARM7 family support CoreMP7. A new tool called CoreConsole is part of a complete development environment that includes Actel’s Libero IDE, a development kit and a host of third-party tools. In addition, ARM's RealView development tools are available from Actel.



CoreConsole Tool

1. It's an IP deployment platform with a graphical user interface

2. RTL output can be either normal or obfuscated

3. CoreMP7 and other protected IP is output as a blackbox

4. Output includes system and IP test benches




Implementation of CoreMP7 in Actel’s M7 ProASIC3 devices starts as low as $2.75 each/250,000. The M7A3P250, M7A3PE600 and M7A3P1000 devices are sampling now. As for the tools, CoreConsole is available now for a $395 annual license fee and the RealView development kit is available now for a $1,195 annual license fee. The CoreMP7 development kit will be available in January 2006.


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Company: ACTEL CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Digital ICs
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