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CAN MCUs Targets Automotive And Industrial Markets

Targeting automotive and industrial applications, the PIC18CX58 family of controller area network (CAN) microcontrollers (MCUs) provide 32 KB of OTP program memory and 1,536 bytes of user RAM. Both devices in the family, the 68-pin PIC18C658 and 84-pin PIC18C858, feature a CAN 2.0B active peripheral interface and OTP memory options. The CAN interface contains a double-buffered receiver with two priority levels, six acceptance filters, and two acceptance masks. Three transmit buffers are available. Other CAN interface features include programmable wake-up, an integrated low-pass filter, and programmable loop-back mode, baud rate clock source, and link to the timer module. The PIC18C658 and PIC18C858 cost $7.35 and $8.08 each/10,000, respectively.


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